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6 Paint Colors Going Out Of Style In 2024

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to completely transform a room. Paint is also a great way to make a space feel a little trendier and up-to-date when a major renovation isn’t possible. But it’s important to choose your color wisely. If you’re planning on painting in 2024, here are the colors to avoid, as well as what to do if you really like a color that’s going out of style.

Anything Bright And Saturated


“Just like pumpkin spice lattes and chunky knit sweaters, ’tis the season for Color of the Year forecasts,” says HGTV star and interior designer Shay Holland. “Epitomizing vitality, youth, and optimism, bright saturated colors were the ‘it’ colors in 2023. Yet last season’s trending paint colors are already fading from memory.” So, think about using more muted hues in 2024. However, if you really like bright, saturated colors, skip the wall and opt to paint a desk or chair instead.



Red has had a moment in recent years, with many people opting for the red, monochromatic look. But Holland says we should bid this shade farewell. One of the biggest problems with red is that it’s so bold that it's difficult to balance out. If you must do red, opt for a burgundy accent chair or rug instead.



“Adios, vivacious orange,” says Holland. Much like red, this color is hard to coordinate with and way too much for the average home. “Truthfully, most homeowners will never jump on the bandwagon when it comes to daring hues like this. We find energetic (often anxiety-inducing) colors hard to live with, especially in our private sanctuaries.” Can't stop thinking about orange? Go with a creamy peach instead.



While hues like millennial pink came and went over the years, the Barbie movie brought back this look big time in 2023. While Holland doesn’t believe it is here to stay, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little pink into your home. “This is why I recommend leaving unconventional color expressions for pass-through spaces like powder rooms," she explains. Interior designer Kate Dawson also recommends using it more juvenile areas, like a little girl’s room.

Stark White


While stark whites gave us a sense of peace during the pandemic, nearly four years later, this shade is becoming dated. If you really want a neutral, Holland suggests going with a different color family, “Opt for colors of nature and warm earthy tones that evoke harmony, wellness, and restoration.”

Most Shades Of Gray


Gray had a moment that lasted for years. Fortunately, according to Dawson, that time is up. “All those neutral shades of gray paint are finally starting to go out of style mainly because they've been the go-to neutrals for so, so long now,” she explains. “People are tired of gray rooms! I've really noticed this in my clients. They are ready for more color! They're craving something a little more bold! And something that expresses more of who they are and adds some personality!”

However, that doesn’t mean she thinks the gray should be avoided altogether. “I think neutral gray colors will always be good colors for rooms that have bold accessories. Whether that's a large bright rug, a huge colorful piece of art, or maybe boldly colored kitchen cabinets. You want the eye to go to those big elements of style. The gray will keep the focus on the statement pieces—showcasing them in a way that really highlights the drama they bring to a space.”


Source: RealSimple

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