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2020 Staging Promotion


Free Staging, Seriously

List your home for sale with us by May 31st, 2020 and we will pay for all staging costs!


The percentage of sellers' agents who say staging decreases a property's time on market


The potential return of every $100 invested in staging your home


The percentage of buyers' agents that said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home

(National Association of Realtors, 2019)

Connect with us to learn all about it:

Q: Does my property need to sell before May 31st, 2020 for you to pay for staging?

A: No, the May 31st, 2020 date is simply for signing a listing agreement. As long as the agreement is signed by then, your home can sell anytime after that date. We want to sell your home as fast as possible and for the most amount of money, so the sooner the better!

Q: Who picks the stager and staging design?

A: We work with a number of amazing stagers who are some the best in the business. Since they are professionals with backgrounds in design, we trust them to create a seamless design for your property. That said, as the property owner, your input is always welcome.

Q: Is there is a maximum amount you will pay for staging my home?

A: Staging prices vary based on the size and value of a property. We have a scale based on these metrics and rely on our staging vendors to give personalized estimates for each project. For homes with a value of $999k and under we will spend up to $3,500; $1M-$1.499M up to $5,000; $1.4M-$1.999M up to $7,000; $2M-$2.999M up to $9,000; $3M-$3.999M up to $12,000; $4M+ to be determined on an individual basis.

Q: What if I decide to take my property off the market?

A: If you decide to take your property off the market for any reason, the amount spent on staging is due back to the Benson Group upon cancellation of the listing agreement.


Have another question? Email or give us a call!

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