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  • Hot Housing Innovations At CES Reimagine Smart Energy Use

    But global home and building management solutions leader Nice has identified options that match any budget IMPULSE “If you install an induction stove, the building may not be wired for it because it already had It requires a 120-volt outlet to be installed and has a built-in bidirectional inverter.

  • Things To Consider If Your House Didn’t Sell

    biggest mistakes you can make when selling your house is restricting the days and times when potential buyers schedule is important, even though it might feel a bit stressful to drop everything and leave when buyers After all, minimal access means minimal exposure to buyers. Sometimes, the most determined buyers might come from far away. If your house is priced higher than others like it, it may discourage buyers, resulting in increased

  • NAR Economist: Mortgage Rates Are on a Downward Slope

    Falling mortgage rates are bringing holiday cheer to home buyers. “The current trajectory of rates is an encouraging development for potential home buyers, with purchase But since rates have fallen in recent weeks, more home buyers appear to be coming back to the market. The drop in mortgage rates may encourage more first-time home buyers to enter the market, and they may have more success getting ahead of competing buyers despite low housing inventory, Lautz says.

  • 2024 Home Design Trends

    Built by Greyrock Homes PHOTO PROVIDED BY HOUZZ Few spaces combine as well as a laundry room and a mudroom

  • New, Existing Home Supplies Diverge

    Homebuilders are providing options buyers can’t find in the existing-home sales market. Builders can add inventory by constructing homes. Pent-up supplies have been steadily building. Virtual Purchases Persist Although sales were down slightly in August, NAR data indicates buyer motivation Market pace and technology spurred 7% of buyers in August to purchase a home based only on a virtual

  • 3 Reasons Fall Is a Fantastic Time to Sell Your Home

    It's also a unique window to capture last-minute buyers who are still house hunting. However, she says, buyers have become discerning. "Buyers are imagining how they will 'live' in your home," he says. I have found that some buyers are turned off by them." Mortgage rates are one of the biggest deterrents for buyers today.

  • Mortgage Rates Barely Budge, Remain Over 7%

    Home buyers are being forced to adjust to what is becoming a new norm: Mortgage rates above 7%. “The elevated rates impact where a buyer can purchase and how much home they can afford today,” Lautz “The typical first-time, single or minority buyer has no ready cash to purchase a home,” she adds. They’re part of a group of buyers fueling the all-cash market, where higher mortgage rates are having

  • 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

    ., where buyers outnumber available properties, leading to higher prices and plenty of bidding wars. According to the National Association of Realtors' 2022 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, FSBO homes "You want the potential buyers to envision it's their home, not yours. Busy wallpaper, bright colors and trendy furniture can look amazing in your home, but buyers won't be Gallagher says replacing the roof before listing your home can be cheaper than the cost a buyer would

  • How Much Does It Cost To Add A Second Story In 2023?

    saying, “I’ll just be upstairs,” adding a second story will cost anywhere from $65,000 to $600,000 to build Additional labor costs for adding a second story are similar to the price of building a house. Building Out There is a lot of debate about whether it is cheaper to build up or build out. In some cases, tearing off the roof and building up requires more costly changes than building on open Budget an extra $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the extent of the build and your local laws.

  • The Benefits of Selling Now, According to Experts

    That’s because there are more buyers out there than there are homes for sale. And, with so few homes on the market, buyers will have fewer options, so you set yourself up to get the Zillow: “. . . sellers who price and market their home competitively shouldn’t have a problem finding a buyer

  • The Tough Talk Sellers Need About Their Home's Value

    Home is a sacred space where lives are built and memories are created - and it’s also likely your biggest Are you willing to price your home competitively in order to attract buyers quickly? continues to fight inflation, mortgage rates are in the 6% range and that means higher monthly payments for buyers Take Constructive Criticism Finally, be prepared for feedback from potential buyers and real estate agents

  • We’re in a Sellers’ Market. What Does That Mean?

    is necessary for a ‘normal’ or ‘neutral’ market in which there are enough homes available for active buyers When the supply of homes for sale is as low as it is right now, it’s much harder for buyers to find one And if buyers know they’re not the only one interested in a home, they’re going to do their best to submit Right now, there are still buyers who are ready, willing, and able to purchase a home. Listing your house now will maximize your exposure to serious, competitive buyers.

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