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April 2024's 7 Must-Have Paint Colors: Designers and Forecasters Unite!

This April's paint color trends explore everything from off-white and pastel yellow to sky blue and deep purple.

April brings new beginnings, abundance, and warmer weather, making it the perfect time to choose paint colors. With nature as our inspiration, this month's palette includes seafoam green, deep purple, and pure white. From zesty yellows to punchy purples, April invites us to refresh our interiors. Discover the latest paint trends and expert tips for bringing these colors into your home this spring. WHITE

White, a symbol of purity and sophistication, offers endless versatility in spring interiors. As Karen Haller, color psychology specialist, suggests, it brings peace and clarity, making rooms feel spacious and bright. While Brilliant White remains a classic choice, consider warmed-hued whites inspired by nature for a grounded feel. Charu Gandhi recommends an off-white palette with beige and ivory undertones for added warmth.


Like the abundance of deep purple flowers in spring gardens, purple interiors are experiencing a resurgence. Francesca Wezel highlights its inviting and friendly energy, perfect for creating a relaxed ambiance. Associated with sociability and open-mindedness, deep purple is favored in communal areas, evoking comfort and ease.


Symbolizing nature and vitality, green remains a timeless favorite for interior decor. Francesca Wezel emphasizes its soothing and grounding effect, fostering emotional well-being. As nature springs to life, embrace the botanical shades of grass and spring green to refresh and restore your living spaces.


Uplifting and mood-boosting, pastel yellow continues to shine in spring interiors. Justyna Korczynska praises its optimism and calming qualities, particularly when paired with cool tones like gray and muted blues. Despite being underutilized, yellow has the power to lift spaces and create interest, enhancing a sense of positivity at home.


With spring's arrival, light sky blues take center stage, promising a fresh start and a bright future. Marianne Shillingford highlights their airy and restorative nature, ideal for modern living spaces. Whether paired with neutrals for a classic calm or bold tones for a head-turning scheme, blue invites optimism and well-being indoors.


Bubblegum pink shades, affectionately known as Barbie pink, are making a comeback for their versatility and mood-enhancing qualities. This vibrant hue, once popular in the '80s, is reclaiming its place in contemporary interiors. Natalia Miyar praises its elegance and suggests using it as an accent for a subtle pop of color or as a bold statement throughout a room.


Energizing and sophisticated, burnt orange adds a bold touch to spring interiors. Helen Sanderson celebrates its optimism and suggests pairing it with teal and blush for a fresh, modern look. Whether incorporated through soft furnishings or accent walls, burnt orange brings warmth and vibrancy to any space, embodying the spirit of the season. Spring invites a palette of colors that evoke renewal, vitality, and joy. From the purity of white to the boldness of deep purple and the vibrancy of burnt orange, each hue brings its unique energy to create refreshing and inspiring living spaces. Whether you seek relaxation, optimism, or sophistication, there's a spring color palette to suit every style and mood, promising a season of rejuvenation and renewal within your home. For expert guidance and support throughout your journey, reach out to Benson Group when you're ready to take the next step towards finding your dream home.



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